TechSpot Weekly: 'Friday night fragfest' and giveaway winners

Julio Franco

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We've held numerous gaming events over the past six months, some of which were promoted publicly (and in turn larger), but many smaller gaming gatherings have also been organized behind the scenes through TechSpot's Steam group. No matter the turnout, we always have a blast playing with you and we'd like to do so on a more consistent basis -- so that's just what we're going to do!

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congratzs taea00!
btw i'm sad that i didn't win, but that's life, maybe i'll have better luck next time.
And if i have time maybe i'll play some games with you for the fragfest.


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Congratz on both! lucky things! i'm yet to ever win anything off the internet, so its no biggy, Would be nice to see you both on a Friday Fragfest in a week or 2?? :)


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lol wow holy cow! Thanks guys! I had no clue, didn't check my email this morning, hopped on Techspot and my eyes popped out of my head! I've never won anything like this before.

Thank you everyone at Techspot and thanks to all the forum writers who made it interesting to post my comments here!


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Congrats taea00, you've won yourself half of a rig, which graphics are you gonna get for it?? Congrats to madboyv1 too! Enjoy that gtx 460! I'll keep on posting on the next contest, someday I'll win too... LOL


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Congratulations to both winners, lucky sons of... xD. By the way, how does a user know if he was disqualified from the giveaway? Oh well, I will have to buy my own things for my pc.


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Gratz to the winners. Yeah, I'm curious about the disqualification too. How does one become disqualified?

Micro Watt

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Congratz to both the winners. Hope you enjoy your new semi-rig and graphics card :). Is it possible to find out whether I got disqualified or not. And also, if you posted around 30 comments, would you still have had a chance of winning. I know that I commented alot only towards the beginning and end of the contest. Had some serious studying to do. I want to see if I had any chance at all of winning!

Matthew DeCarlo

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Just about all of those who were disqualified decided it would be a good idea to spam utter nonsense to increase their odds of winning. A few of them literally posted the same thing every day. :) It's hard for you to notice because we actively delete such messages.

Congrats again taea00!


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Gratz you two! Thanks for the great giveaway TechSpot, can't wait till the next one :) .