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Terrible problem rebooting successfully :(

By bizarrosephirot
Dec 12, 2007
  1. OK - thanks in the first place for reading this. First, I have Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista both installed on the same internal hard drive. I was trying to copy the XP partition to an external hard drive using Norton Ghost. Because there are 5 primary partitions on the internal disk, there was a problem so, using Norton Partition Magic 8, I changed (stupidly) the XP partition from a Primary partition to a Logical partition.

    Before, when I turned on my computer (Dell Dimension E510) it would ask if I wanted to start Windows Vista or Earlier Version of Windows (XP). But ever since I changed the XP partition from Primary to Logical, the computer can't boot either OS. All that happens when I start the computer is the display of this message:

    No boot device available -
    strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

    Please help me.......Please...... Thanks again

    Solutions tried:
    1. Using XP CD and Recovery Console:
    - chkdsk /p ------ didn't work
    - chkdsk /r ------- didn't work
    - fixboot ----- returned error stating inability to find the system folder...(whatever that means)
    - fixmbr ----- didn't work
    - partition table doctor 3.0 ------ supposedly fixed problems but still didn't boot
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