Tesla's autopilot feature involved in another accident, this time in Montana


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"It’s worth pointing out that Tesla’s autopilot feature is still in beta status and requires that drivers remain alert and aware of their surroundings and keep their hands on the wheel while it’s engaged."

This should be at the beginning of these articles. The headline should read Tesla driver misusing auto pilot crashes.
Well, aside from all the techie, "we need electric cars, Elon Musk is the second coming, Tesla certainly can't possibly be at fault", pure bulls**t running around.

The facts of the matter this; once upon a time, in the middle ages when I was born, if you were too drunk, too tired, or wanted to do something other than drive, you pulled over, and acted appropriately, (slept, sobered up, made a phone call, or what have you).

As far as I'm concerned, driving is still a "sport best left to a human", at least a human with proper training and full faculties at his or her disposal.

The rest of you who feel differently, should probably STFU, and wait for Google's self driving sardine cans, to take you, and your stinking "smartphones", to wherever you've fantasized you think you need to be. I'm in point of fact, looking forward to the time when that happens, as I won't have to listen to any more s**t, about how, "Uber drivers are saving the world from those money grubbing taxi companies". In fact, more than likely, (and I admit to desperately hoping), the taxi companies might be the only ones who maintain fleets of self driving cars to begin with. And of course, the individual Uber drivers will be "singing the blues", louder and whinier than Led Zeppelin.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, I don't really care how many elitist, snotty Tesla drivers kill themselves with "auto pilot", nor am I the least bit concerned how many Musk kills, or how many times he is sued for it.
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The only one failing to apply logic here is you. Cruise control is limited to throttle input and (in luxury cars) brakes. You still have to drive the car. Autopilot surrenders the whole process to the onboard computer. They aren't the same and the former does not completely disengage the driver from operation, which is the explicit purpose of autopilot.

Autopilot doesn't belong in consumer vehicles. It hasn't been properly developed yet.
It is a feature to assist a driver. Not to drive and remove all responsibility from the driver. Not to completely disengage the driver from operation. No, the driver must remain aware and ready to act and react to any situation. Stop casting blame on the feature when the driver is the one who is responsible. Learn some accountability.