The 10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2021


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I'm looking forward to Stray (formerly HKproject1). Was announced years ago with a simple little tech demo trailer and then fell off the face of the earth. To see it shown last year in a glorious neon ray-traced world, I can't wait to be a cyberpunk kitty.

Should be more content for Teardown 'soonish' as well.

In the meantime, Repentance comes out for The Binding of Isaac this week (next week?), between that and Wreckfest online (which is tons of fun) I'll be kept busy for now.


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Been waiting for New World since it was first announced. Alpha was kinda of fun but repetitive.


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Thanks for this article! It hinted a few games I had not heard about before.

- Had never heard of Biomutant. Watched some teasers and liked what I saw! Some gameplay elements seem to draw heavily from Zelda: BOTW, like cliff and mountain climbing, and horseriding combat, without being a ripoff. I'll keep a close eye on this one.

- I also didn't know about Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Looks cute and I like the concept, since I'd love to see a comeback of the 3d fantasy adventure platformer genre with the force they had in the 2000s. Too bad I can't say much about this one since the trailer has nearly zero gameplay, it's mostly cutscenes... but I'll stay tuned.

- Far Cry 6, being set in a populated tropical island with urban environments and skyscrapers, is looking more and more like a first person Just Cause - which might not be a bad thing at all.

- I'll play Dying Light 2 eventually, but not soon. Maybe 4 or 5 years after release date when the game is actually complete, having received 30+ DLCs / expansions and 100+ patches and hotfixes, like the first one.

Now, these are the games I'm anticipating the most for this year (none of which have been mentioned in the article by the way):

- RE Village
- Ninja Gaiden trilogy remastered
- System Shock remake
- Chernobylite (final release - it's already out on early access since early 2019)


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Decent list. Not sure I will get to play any of them since I am up to my neck in valheim. 140 hours and counting.


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"At its core, it’s still the same real-time-with-pause RPG Kingmaker was"

FYI, Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous has BOTH real time with pause and turn-based combat, you can switch on the fly. This was confirmed during the Kickstarter.


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Mark my words, FC 6 will be exactly the same product in a different package like everything Ubisoft makes for many years.
Once you notice that, it is hard to get excited for anything they make.
Dying Light 2 and Chivalry are worth checking though.


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Fast Forward to May 2021:

Techland released a statement today to announce that the latest Dying Light game tentatively titled "Dying Light 2 - What wasn't, still isn't" has been delayed yet again. The Developer\Publisher stated that they needed a little more time to adopt a much better fat balance in their diet as well as a low sodium strategy. They were also rumored to be getting new carpeting but that could not be confirmed.

It's not all bad though in Techland, Ummm, Land. They did confirm that one of their lead programmers has hung a "Dying Light 2" poster above his workstation. Easily the only good and concrete news about DL2 to hit the waves since we thought it was the new Dead Island.

In other news, Dead Island 2 has been delayed. Solar flares we think.


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Graphically, that game is up there with Project Mara on the 'holy crap that looks stupidly pretty'.

Chernobylite really is a very beautiful looking and atmospheric game, even a very early early access build I've played through soon after it became available, playing on medium - high settings on the GTX 1070 I was using back then. That build was also surprisingly polished for a "just released as early access" title - I've only encountered a few minor bugs and glitches, none of them game breaking, which is another reason I'm optimistic for this game.

The game plays like a STALKER lite - it's like STALKER, but more streamlined and much smaller. Which is my only concern - I hope the final build has more content, more optional missions/objectives and a longer campaign. It also leaned a bit towards being too easy.


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Hard to get excited about any game until I can buy a GPU that can handle 3440x1440 120Hz.

I made the mistake of selling my old system, which included an Aorus Extreme 1080Ti for $400 to a buddy in 8/2020. Thought I'd be able to score a nice 3080 off the bat. Wrong! Dude could triple his $ on the GPU alone. But he also couldn't replace it for less...

I picked up a Gigabyte 1060 6GB OC in 12/20 as a go-between just before even those got out of control (paid $150 w/ shipping) on Ebay. I will say that it's surprisingly good! Guess I'll wait now for the RTX 3080 Ti- but I doubt there will be better availability. Sadly, the 1060 is now going for $350+. INSANE

So now I'm digging into my backlog of non-AAA games that I should play anyway, and are a lot less demanding!

Thoroughly enjoying STYX: Master of Shadows right now. Runs great.

I've been humbled.
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Everspace 2, Shadow Warrior 2, new King's Bounty, Path of Exile 2, Diablo 2 Remake...So many great games, non of them on this list...