The 24 karat gold-plated Nintendo Wii made for the Queen can be yours for $300,000


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WTF?! You might own some special edition consoles, but can you count a 24 karat gold-plated Nintendo Wii among your collection? Unlikely. There really was one made, for Queen Elizabeth II, no less, and it's now available on eBay for $300,000.

The world's most expensive Wii (presumably), was commissioned in 2009 by publisher THQ, a few years before it went out of business and its trademark and some properties were acquired by Nordic Games.

The console was a promotion for THQ's Neighbourhood Games, known as Big Family Games in PAL regions. The marketing stunt saw THQ attempt to send the golden Wii and a copy of the game to the UK's Queen.

In 2019, People Make Games' Chris Bratt discovered that, unsurprisingly, the console never made it into HRH Elizabeth II's hands. He managed to track it down to collector Donny Fillerup, one of the founders of

Fillerup puts "Moving on with life" as the reason for the sale. "I've been in one place for my whole life, it's time to get my own place. At times it has been difficult for me to have free time or relax. Lately it's all CV and my daily job. When I come home, I don't get to spend a lot of 'me time' so I would like to take the step and move on," he said.

The console is in working order, though it's unlikely anyone would want to take it out of the display case to confirm this. It includes framed documents and emails as proof of authenticity. A separate authentication, including serial number and signatures, will be issued by the experts of

For those with an impressive disposable income, the gold-plated Wii is now on eBay for $300,000.

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I'm confused. They just said they made it for the Queen? But didn't give it to her? And what made them think that she'd ever want garbage like that? The cost to gold plate something like that would be around $50. Yet they're selling it for $300K. Even a kilogram of solid gold is only $60K.


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Yeah, sure, I heard the Queen loves to play with Wii right after she goes paragliding over active volcanoes.