The 650,000 volt iPhone stun gun case

By spydercanopus
Jul 26, 2012
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  1. Are you frustrated by the fact that your iPhone doesn’t have an app for personal defense? If so, Yellow Jacket has an answer with its iPhone case. Their case houses a 650k volt stun gun and provides up to 20 additional hours of battery life. On its IndieGogo page, which is similar to Kickstarter, they advertise that “Yellow Jacket has been designed as the world’s first smartphone defense case.”

    The first concern that immediately jumped to my mind was the danger of holding a stun gun directly to the user’s face while making a call. The user’s safety is addressed on the page as the number one focus of the design team, understandably so. The inclusion of a safety switch and rotating electrode cap prevents accidental discharge and it’s designed to allow quick access to the stun gun.

    The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case
    The design is surprisingly sleek for what is included inside that case. Obviously, it’s bigger than most iPhone cases, but since the stun gun is powered by an external battery the case can provide an additional 20 hours of standby battery life for the iPhone. Conveniently, the case is charged using the same cord as the phone uses. The first model of the Yellow Jacket is designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S but other models are planned for the future, including Android phones.

    The case is expected to sell for around $125 but if you contribute to the initial funding, you can get a discount. The funding runs through the end of the month and, unlike Kickstarter, the project does not have to meet the target to receive the money. It’s a pretty fascinating concept for a case, check out their page for more details.

  2. iweeklydeal001

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    Wow. this Is very Cool iPhone case you have thier.. Hope my iPone Shop that I know already have that iPhone case that you introduces..(y)

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