The Best Graphics Cards 2019


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RX560 - increased price for old tech?!? Is this the 'trade war' or what? Why would I buy the 560 when the 570 is just a lousy ten spot more?
The only reason is if your PSU doesn't have a six pin or any spare power (that you can use an adapter with) that you need for the 570. To anyone gaming at 1080p or less I would recommend the 570 - it can pretty much play anything at high settings at 1080p. I was very impressed with how good it was for the price and I am saying this with a 1080Ti in my main rig.


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The Radeon VII makes far more sense for what it really is: a rebadged Radeon Instinct M150. $700 for a highly capable OpenCL compute accelerator is an absolute steal.
Exactly so. If you have a software that knows how to use that hardware, it's a beast. No other card on the market has 1000 GB/s data transfer rate. The best and most expensive Nvidia Titan has around 600 GB/s. If you have an app (e.g. physics simulation, or maybe crypto-cracking) that can properly feed those hungry cores, it's a beast.

Unfortunately, nowadays games don't know how to properly use available hardware, so large portions of GPUs are unused, large portions of CPUs are unused. It's mostly lazy programming, by lazy programmers, and crappy programming languages that evolve too slowly.


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AMD's rDNA is better at games than Nvidia's Turing.

rDNA is half it's size and when bigger-rDNA hits, there is very little Nvidia is going to be able to do, with Ampere. Nvidia is going to have to come out with a different architecture than Turing, to beat RDNA.

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I'm going to wait on news about the RX 5500 and comparisons with the GTX 1650 Super. Clustering around $150, I'm wondering if they might 'get competitive' in price. Since I'm not an edgy gamer, 1080p at medium is good for me.