The Best Portable Apps for Your Software Toolbox

Bullwinkle M

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Sometimes a few portable app's just isn't enough

Run a full copy of Windows from a thumb drive and take everything with you

Windows2Go, the only portable app you will ever need!
I definitely advocate for Everything, LibreOffice, MusicBee, AIMP, OBS , 7-zip and SumatraPDF. I actually use all of these apps in Portable mode and they do everything I need them to do. No bloat or unnecessary features either. The best of the best, to be honest. Special mention to Tixati as well.


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WinSCP really is god sent, used to make websites years ago and this client out of nowhere suddenly wanted some quick fix just days ago, and I remembered about WinSCP I used to work with that I put on Google cloud, damn, that portable WinSCP still works, and fixed my client in no time. Portable apps rule.


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My preference:
- File manager: Directory Opus
- Text editor: UltraEdit
- Compression tool: WinRAR
- Screen capture: FastStone Capture
- Internet browser: Brave


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Hey guys, I'm late to this thread.. (work). I wanted to post the things I use and come to use over the years.

Directory Opus (non-portable, but install+load your best config makes it as easy as portable...

- portable WinRAR
- portable Pongolin (Screen dimming)
- portable Light shot (capture everything with)
- Portable Chrome & Opera (but never use them) just in case stuff
- portable MPC-BE
- portable Aimp5
- portable PDF-XChange Viewer
- portable UltraFileSearch
- portable On-ScreenKeyboard
- portable Honeyview (picture viewer)
- portable Antispyware
- portable Messenger
- portable Transmission (torrent)
- portable Captura (desktop record)

Firefox portable (used this for at least 6-7 years (if new Windows or new system, it is always perfect configured, you only setup it once, countless add-ons and changes and it always stays the same)

Same goes for windows install, 80% of what I use is always "installed" they remain in D:\Progs\PortableAPPs partition. off course I have tons of other apps as portable, and some that can't be portable installed (not many)..

And no, no issues with app updates....
this is Directory Opus I use: