The Bradley is the stylish watch that lets you feel time

Shawn Knight

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Timepieces aren’t anything new for Kickstarter as we’ve seen a number of innovative watch ideas spring to life on the crowdfunded website – but nothing quite like The Bradley. That’s the name of an innovative and attractive wristwatch that allows...

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A tragic waste of potential...

I assume you are taking about Bradley's blindness. While I don't totally disagree watching the video its obvious he has become a huge motivation for countless people, so not a complete waste then.

The watch or timepiece rather is a very very cool concept.


I'm not blind, but I like the watch. I'd inevitably see a blind person on the street and feel obligated to give it to them though... Maybe I should buy more than one.


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A tragic waste of potential...

well, do you think that maybe this will help many of those that have been born blind or had something terrible like a fire happen to them and it burned their eyes so bad that they were never able to see again,
they just used the wrong story in the film