The Dell Inspiron Duo teaser video looks amazing


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The Dell Inspiron Duo finally got its official teaser video, and it looks amazing. Announced two months ago, the 10-inch convertible netbook has an interesting swivel mechanism: the screen flips vertically inside the bezel. When the panel is facing inwards, you have a normal netbook that you can open and close as you normally would. When it's facing outwards, you have a tablet with a hardware keyboard underneath. In other words, the device has an entertainment mode and a product...

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Warning anyone with Epilepsy don't watch that video. It's amazing how they didn't show anything in that video, minus the screen flipping to show a keyboard. All it was was post production. How about actually demonstrating the device instead of having 500 camera angles and some crazy music. If they can't give a straight glimpse at the thing in my opinion it means it's lacking except in the one feature they actually showed you.


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Kinda cool but also seems kinda clumsy to "convert". I'm not sure about this... I think I would prefer a nice slide-out keyboard that is fairly large or a external snap-on modular keyboard. This just seems like it would be too thick and too easy to break.


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All i can say is that it looks great from a sneak peak but i want cold hard evidence to back up how cool it looks.


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if it doesn't go for 1-2000$ then it will become a big success. i really like the way it looks and of course it has windows so you can do so much more with it than a simple tablet.


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I almost passed out laughing when i saw their tagline, "you can tell its a dell" ha ha ha. can you tell i dislike dell?

Despite that, i do think that this is a great idea, however, i wonder how long that bevel will last.


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I know I am being outrageous, but with a Atom N550 I would not pay more than $700. Although that would depend on other features, such as RAM, HD, battery life, etc...


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I think this could be a runaway hybrid success, if Dell plays it (and prices it) right. Tablets are already eating into the shrinking netbook market, so a product that targets both effectively (and stays within the price range that customers looking for either of those options is expecting) could do amazingly well. And, as someone who's used (and supported) the "spin and flip" hinged convertible laptops out there now, I can say I have high hopes for this new novel approach to flipping the screen around.

I think I'll wait for a bit on it, though... Wait for a second generation unit that has any kinks worked out and uses one of the next generation APUs for a bit of horsepower and graphics performance :) Hey, a guy can dream, right?


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Very cool and handy. Hope it can endure the non stop flipping. A 1000$-1500$ would be reasonable(depends of the hardware)


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Ooooh, why do they have to be so tempting! I've been holding out for the Notion Ink Adam, but a tablet that can become a fully keyboarded computer is so very attractive! The hard part is that having Windows 7 on it is the best and worst part about it. I'd love to be able to run "real" applications on it, but I also want a more tablet centric friendly OS.


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That does look pretty awesome. Any word on pricing? If it is not too much more than other netbooks it could be a real hit.


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This is what I want for Christmas, only with dual or quad core ARM and Android, maybe with the new Tegra on steroids(32nm parts)


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Then you pretty much want something else. I doubt an ANdroid nettop will come out. It will be a tablet if anything else...


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If I was in the market for a tablet device (can this be considered a tablet?), I would have to consider buying this. Tablet mode combined with a keyboard to make it a laptop AND Windows 7 AND a dual core processor. As long as the price is decent, this should be a big win for Dell.