Android The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly probing Google's Android platform

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The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly looking into Google’s Android platform. Specifically, antitrust authorities are interested in how the search giant licenses its apps and services for use on Android smartphones and tablets.

Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the Federal Trade Commission came to an agreement with the Department of Justice to head up the investigation. The same sources claim multiple technology companies had complained to the Department of Justice regarding Google’s anti-competitive practices, resulting in the current probe.

Android as you know is an open source platform. Device makers are free to install it on their products as they see fit but if they want to include apps from Google like Maps, Google Play or YouTube, they are required to either install all of them or none at all. The fact that there’s no mixing and matching allowed is what several tech companies have taken issue with.

Earlier this month, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service found Google guilty of abusing its market position by bundling apps with Android. In April, the European Commission opened an investigation into Google to determine whether the company has hindered the development and access of rival mobile apps by forcing OEMs into exclusively installing Google apps.

It’s unclear whether or not this practice violates any antitrust laws. The publication added that the inquiry is in a very early stage and could end without any action taken against Google.

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Weird thing that happened to me is more caused by apple, although google suspended my app. I named my phone finding app find my iphone (although weren't selling any) to hopefully get in on the wave of apps sold by that name, assuming it's not trademarked. A spokesperson for apple, like the mpaa or something, noted that I was using the iphone name and complained to google, suspending the app. I'm trying to explain that I am legally blind and want minimal handouts to support me and my blindness. To think of how many stolen songs were loaded to apple ipods. Guess I just have to rely on charity and government handouts. Can't market my product even tho it isn't taking any physical property from apple.


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Oh come on how, how does this get an investigation but there are none against cables companies who NEVER let you pick and choose channels it is either all or nothing.


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I believe the only compulsory apps that have to be installed on Android these days is Google search and something else, I'm not sure what it is, but whatever it is I can easily live with them. I mean 9/10th's of the worlds population only use Google search so that's hardly a problem.


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This is Microsoft's attempt to steal Android from Google, and make you use their office product instead? What can be said of the Apple apps on that platform?
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Did I have too much to drink or is a headline about the FTC probing androids amusing to anyone else..


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Did I have too much to drink or is a headline about the FTC probing androids amusing to anyone else..
Lol, I HAVE had too much to drink, and I had a good laugh (thinking the same thing) before ever reading your comment. Giggity.


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Did I have too much to drink or is a headline about the FTC probing androids amusing to anyone else..

LOL I just re read the title ... hilarious just made my monday morning better! .

to get back on topic, if manifactueres arent happy with havin the google apps, built you own dam OS and leave Google alone because if I was google right now I would be saying "I give you a free OS with updates, evolution,inovation AND you still cry to momy that your not happy "...