The new iPad was 'Plan B' for Apple

Shawn Knight

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A new report suggests that the new iPad is actually Cupertino's "Plan B" as the original idea was to launch a tablet that was thinner and lighter than the iPad...

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C.awesome, I don't think so. The improvements would be too tangible for a point release and take too much away from the 'best iThing ever' next gen.


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With Steve Jobs no longer at the helm of Apple, we will see the tenants that Mr. Jobs set forth slowly fall away. Here is the first one. From now on Apple needs to ask themselves exactly how would Jobs have done it. If they dont Apple will slowly fall the way all tech companys do that cant keep up with the consumer base.
Capt. I 100% guarentee that Apple will be putting the new displays in later models. Its what they do. If sales start falling off, they will just put out the new models with the better displays and remarket them with an even flashier media campaign.


T.Stryke. What the h*** are you trying to say? Apple and any smart company would never have only a single possible plan for a next release on class leading technology. Often the tech is simply not ready.

And of course they're going to want to make the next release as impressive as possible and at the same time try to avoid irritating current clients by releasing substantially better iterations of the same model.

What does this have to do with Steve?


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Let's not forget we're talking about the iPad and not the iPhone. Apple is still owning the tablet market, and has plenty of time before they need another home run. The current 'competing' tablets are hardly even in the same category. Things like the Kindle Fire, Nook, and maybe Asus MeMo. They're all priced at or under $250.

I don't see them having any trouble keeping up just yet.... at least not in this market.


I was thinking about getting the new ipad but after reading this I think I will go with the ipad 2 or maybe the refurbished one