The ps/2 port of the motherboard doesn't work properly


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Hello to all,
I'm going to install Win XP on my computer (I had win 7 but had some problem with installing the HP printer on it and so I decide to install XP because that printer seems to be installed properly on XP). Now When I put the XP CD on the CD driver, it says press a ker to boot from CD and I press the Enter key, (now the keyboard works) after that, within installation time when that I should press Enter to install XP, this time the keyboard doesn't work. My guess is that the ps/2 port of the case has problem (it's old and somewhat has been broad). Now what is the solution in your point of view please?

My system manufacturer is "ECS" and the system model is "945pl-A".

PS: there are two black & white screens which mobo shows: First screen shows the amount of RAM, the model of CPU the IDEs and info like these which is common for first screen. But the here when I want to enter to BIOS by pressing Del key, it seems that keyboard doesn't work so it doesn't go to bios. The second black & white screen shows fewer info and it says "Press shift-F10 to configure) and when I press these two I can to enter to an environment that seems to not be the BIOS, the keyboard here WORKS!!! It has very few options! And apparently doesn't have options of manipulating the keyboard settings.


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It would have been better to have left the Windows 7 installation alone and posted instead about the problem installing your HP printer. Printer installation software will differ between XP and Vista/Windows 7. My printers (HP and Canon) were released with CDs for both XP and Vista. The Vista CD works perfectly with Windows 7. In cases where the printer manufacturer hasn’t released an updated installation program for a later operating system it pays to buy a newer printer.
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