The truth about how nerds live!

By Justin ยท 4 replies
Apr 27, 2003
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  1. SharkFiNbowL

    SharkFiNbowL TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Hey! You can't say that nerds clean up room neatly. My room is neat, so what? I'm not a nerd! Keeping a room clean is essential, not optional where nerds do it only. By the way, is that your room?
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 942

    Yup that is my room.
  3. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Posts: 322

    Hey Soul - Is that Fan under the desk to cool your PC ???
    Wow - Thats one hell of a PC Fan !!! LOL
    Must be an AMD PC ?!? :)
  4. MYOB

    MYOB TS Rookie Posts: 492

    Theres a site with a few photos of the techie room in a house lived in by a few of my friends, but theres a lot of other content on the site thats a bit inapproriate, so I won't link it from here... but its NEVER tidy, and always has about five KM or CAT5 lying around... it could never look like even the first of those photos

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