The U.S. wants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others to join them in the fight against...


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You can’t possibly make large complex software like an OS bug free, you have to constantly monitor and investigate the bugs that other people discover and exploit and then patch them.
Very true but Windows 10 has been nothing but an issue moreso than a consistent user experience. For many people it's a buggy mess and may as well be called Windows 98ME V2. Microsoft has some of the STUPIDEST issues that happen with Windows 10. Issues that didn't happen in other versions of windows and have no good reason to happening at all. God knows how many screw ups they have under the hood that are an easy route for hackers to exploit. The fact they fired the "windows testing team" or whatever they were called is a huge reason why these issues spawn.


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I use to joke years ago. "The viruses are probably being made by anti-virus companies.' Because well, assured profits.


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bUt tHeSe aRe pRiVaTe cOmPaNiEs!!!
Is this bullsh!t "style" of posting really necessary?
Maybe you'd find a better audience on Twitter or other social media platform, where the lower IQs would more easily be impressed, that it's "cute", or, "clever".. .