The US Army wants to create an Internet of Battlefield Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as the Amazon Echo are becoming more and more popular with homeowners living a connected lifestyle. The US Army is now looking to implement similar technologies on the battlefield and has enlisted the help of some of the country's top research universities.

The $25 million project, funded by the Army Research Lab, will be headed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as five other universities across the country.

Some of the Army's existing battlefield is already connected but this project will go much deeper. The Alliance for IoBT Research on Evolving Intelligent Goal-driven Networks (IoBT REIGN) looks to add predictive battlefield analytics and services to the Army's arsenal. The goal is to give soldiers "extra sensory" perception of threats, offer situational understanding of the battlefield, and provide advanced risk assessment.

The project isn't focused on reprogramming consumer devices for battlefield use or micromanaging existing infrastructure. Rather, a soldier should be able to tell a machine his/her intent and then have the machine intelligence and autonomy take over to execute that goal. The IoBT can be used to predict enemy troop movements and prevent casualties as well as analyze the efficiency of supply runs to make better use of resources.

With a larger number of connected devices always comes a greater threat of cyberattack. This can be especially dangerous when the devices control or are themselves military assess. With additional teams from Carnegie Mellon, Berkely, UCLA, UMass Amherst and USC, these challenges shouldn't be too difficult to overcome.

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The US Army wants to create an Internet of Battlefield Things
I believe they wanted it ever since before there was Internet, like during the cold war.

Did they just come up with a name for what they wanted? That's military-pace progress.
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Soldier reloading their gun...

Gun: "Magazine not recognised! Please retry connection attempt or reboot the system."

It is better to keep dumb things dumb at times.


2017: US Army enlists universities to better utilize the Internet for operational deployment.

2033: China-born graduates from American universities disable Pacific Fleet using backdoor. China poised to control entire region uncontested.