Thermaltake shows off two new massive liquid coolers at Computex


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Earlier today I swung past Thermaltake's Computex 2014 booth, and the standout products they had on show were two massive liquid coolers from their expanded range of liquid cooling solutions.

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Meh closed loop. Cool till the pump stuffs up than you have to throw the whole thing out. Useless if you wanna cool gpu, ram or motherboard though. The whole point of the larger 360mm rad & fan water coolers is to cool multiple things at once. So having this for just 1 cpu seems pointless. I cool a gtx 480 (one of the hottest gpus built) and a heavily overclocked i7 920 all on a single loop with just one 240mm rad with quad fans 2 front, 2 back in push pull configuration.


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Well, I for one have been waiting for 360/420 AIO coolers, now that I have a case that can handle one (Corsair 750D). Soon one will come along that can be disassembled and added to without voiding the warranty, with a decent pump, and the line between custom loop and AIO cooler will pretty much be erased, as they'll perform similarly. If you use 2 separate AIOs (1 for the GPU, 1 for the CPU) system dis-assembly for cleaning or upgrades is much easier, no draining, refilling and burping required. These will be great for those who don't like a lot of down time (like me). I'm already using 2 of them now, using the NZXT G10 bracket on my 660 Ti.