These USB Type-C cables can deliver up to 240W, charge an RTX 3080 Ti gaming laptop

Tudor Cibean

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In context: USB Type-C is one of the most versatile connectors out there. It is simultaneously able to transfer data, carry a video signal through DisplayPort Alt Mode, and charge devices. Club3D's new cables are rated for up to 240W of power delivery and transfer speeds reaching 40Gbps.

Club3D has announced the first USB Type-C cables that can deliver up to 240W of power using the EPR standard launched by the USB-IF last year. The announcement includes three models: a 2m 480Mbps cable, another 2m one rated for 20Gbps, and a shorter 1m version rated for data transfers up to 40Gbps (USB4 Gen 3x2). These cables can deliver up to 240W of power by supporting up to 48V at 5A, meaning they won't be much thicker than your average USB-C cable rated for 3A.

Unfortunately, there aren't any devices on the market that can charge this fast, nor are there any chargers that can deliver this much power through one port. Apple's fastest charging brick tops out at 140W.

However, cables like these could start getting bundled with gaming laptops, replacing barrel connectors with a more-versatile USB-C port and getting rid of proprietary power bricks.

The Asus Zephyrus G14, equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS and a Radeon RX 6800S, comes with a 240W charging brick in the box. Even phones could soon take advantage of such cables, as Xiaomi already demoed 200W charging tech last year.

Overall, increasing the peak wattage will make USB-C more versatile, although it probably won't make it any easier to know what standards each device and cable supports.

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Cool, but still not quite the ideal cables. I'm holding out for Thunderbolt 4 compatible ones with USB-C fallback, ideally 3 meters or longer like the Apple Pro cable (which is nearly perfect but still limited to 100W power delivery).


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USB-IF know very well, they are just an internet meme so they just move forward adding more of pointlessly convoluted random bundles of letters and numbers.


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That's really nice, BUT I really hope the overall quality of USB-C cables will rise as a result of USB-C becoming a main standard.
I have some of those Club3D and I always liked their build quality, but others should step up their game as well.


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Having cables that can support 240W is great, but where are the chargers? I do wonder how big will the charger be if it supports 240W. Most good 100+ W PD chargers now are fairly bulky and heavy.