Thinking of buying a new laptop - buyers advice


TS Rookie
I am thinking of buying a new laptop. I bought a high end gaming machine before, spent a lot of money.

Now five years later, its practically worth less than any new decent laptop I can potentially buy.

I have been looking at mostly the GPU. It's seems the technology has advanced so much that no matter what CPU you get, its going to be enough for most games.

So the main thing is the GPU. What I don't get is, you see in some reviews the GPU is classified as high-end or middle-end etc.

So doesn't it mean that at the time the GPU is released, it is the fastest most recent, high end GPU. Later when better ones come out, it gradually shifts to the mid-range category? Or are some GPU simply mid-range as soon as it comes out?

ALso, does higher model number mean better gpu, as it is getting confusing.

I haven't been checking the last tech mags lately, which I did before I bought my laptop the last time.