ThinkPad R50e (XP-Pro) & TP T61 (Vista Business)

By kbynot1
Jul 17, 2008
  1. I have a 2+ year old Lenovo ThinkPad R50e with Celeron M, 0.75 MG memory and running Windows XP- Pro. The local "computer guru to go" talked me into purchasing a new- more powerful model: TP T61, 7500, 4 MG memory, Centrino Pro and came with Vista Business.

    As someone who struggles with basic Windows and Word applications- trying to learn Vista at home- while using XP at the office is just NOT A GOOD IDEA. Lenovo told me because I hace Vista Business- I am eligible to purchase "XP downgrade" from them for $ 60- $ 75. I never was able to understand the answer to why I could not just transfer the XP-Pro on my R50e to the T61- in order to execute the downgrade.

    Seems like they are just trying to see how much $$ they can squeeze. I'd be more than happy to spend that extra $$ with the tech who I am going to have to hire to do the actual downgrade- even if I do purchase their "Downgrade Package".

    Is it possible and also practicable to try to transfer from one laptop to the other

    I appreciate the assistance ! THANKS !
  2. Matthew

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    You'll likely not be able to use the copy of XP you have on your new laptop, because it's not a full retail version of it and it probably uses an OEM key. I'm not sure what a "downgrade package" is comprised of but you can still get a retail copy of XP online (might cost a bit more, though, I haven't checked the prices in a long while), and I'm sure you can handle installing it yourself.

    The only issue may be, locating the proper drivers to be used with Windows XP. If you can't get them off your laptop manufacturer's website, you might run into a bind and it's probably best off buying that "downgrade package" or whatever just for a sense of security.
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