Thinkpad Sound Problem

By The Rounin
Jul 16, 2005
  1. Hi everyone this my first post here. :)

    Well here's my problem my ThinkPad a31 (model type 2653-bu2)
    just has no sound or modem now I know it's not a software problem
    as the IBM pc doctor utility does not even recognize the hardware.

    Now this problem occurred suddenly about 2 days ago just randomly
    without any notice and no major events that would provoke such an

    I was thinking that there is a problem with the ac'97 codec chip which would
    explain the modem and sound both disappearing. But the system can still beep and boop when I want it to i.e. boot up or mashing the keyboard. Also when speakers are connected into the line out jack the beeps and boops can be heard through those speakers.

    I also tried the machine without the modem daughter card just to see if anything would change to no avail.

    And as a last step I did a teardown to see if there was any debris or bad areas on the
    Motherboard and there was not a single oddity.

    So anyone have any ideas? :)
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