This cheap mod makes the Core i9-12900KS run 9 degrees cooler


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You're making a few assumptions about AMD here:

Was this in response to someone else? I literally did not make any assumptions.

With that out of the way I don't disagree with your reasoning for going with 12900k except you should probably remember a significant (Or at least, significant enough) subsector of the custom pc market right now have Zen 2 rigs they would like to upgrade.

Ha! Sorry, I'm totally confused here. This was an article on a mod to cool an Intel chip. It has nothing to do with AMD. At all. My original comment was in response to the predictable "uhhhh... AMD" comment. Other people having an AMD system they'd like to upgrade is completely irrelevant. If AMD keeps an upgrade path open to them, great! I hope they do, that would be awesome, but it has literally nothing to do with this article or anything I said.

Honestly not meaning to come across as a jerk. It just seems like you're responding to some else because it just doesn't relate to anything I've said.

And just to be clear, I'm not an AMD hater AT ALL!! I fully planned to build a Threadripper system, but having waited well over a year with neither the 32 or 64 core versions ever being restocked or only available at scalper prices, and then learning they're only making the Pro variants going forward, and only making them available to OEMs, I gave up. The choice became either a 5950x or a 12900k. The 5800X3D was a non-starter since my workload is primarily multithreaded. It was the right time, financially, for me to build a new system, and at this time, I think Intel has the advantage - newer platform, latest component support (DDR5, PCIE 5, etc), faster all-core and single-core speeds, etc.

I would have loved to wait for AMDs next platform, but I had already been waiting over a year and had to pull the trigger. That's it. Only reason I initially commented was because I'm tired of AMD fans having to interject any time the word Intel is mentioned. This article had nothing at all to do with AMD. I love that AMD is giving Intel competition. Hell, I think it's awesome that Apple is now doing the same. Keep Intel from resting on their laurels. And the reverse is also true, as AMD has been increasingly resting on IT's laurels with TR. I'm not impressed with a product a company won't sell me. Fanboys of any corporation bother me, since no corporation is your friend.

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What happened to Linus? He was so pro and acted so knowledgeable, now he's jumping around like a monkey and throwing stuff everywhere. :|


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It's a good project for overclockers, but 99% of people should just buy a 5800X3D and that's if they absolutely cannot wait 8 months or so for Ryzen 7800x on AM5 and hopefully reasonable DDR5 prices by then (Though don't count on that last part)
The 12700F retails for $310 here in the US.


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Or... just get a Ryzen that's twice as power efficient without mods. I mean the 5800X3D is faster than this CPU and consumes half the power - who in their right mind would get the Intel instead? There must be some extreme fanboyism involved.
Do not do this to your processor. I performed this same process probably about 5 years ago to try to cool down a i7-7700k @ 5 GHZ. Worked great - Except 3 months later it was running hotter than stock. Did it again. Cooler again. The process repeated several times until I just gave up on it. You can see that over time the liquid metal etches the silicon of the chip and makes it impossible to get a good contact with the IHS. The processor is still working today, but it unable to run cool even at 4GHZ. It now sits in low cpu use machine running 40-50C @ 1.6 ghz undervolted.

Moral of the story. Leave it alone. All of this because I thought 75c was too hot.

75c is not too hot. The chip is specced to run consistently in temperatures up to 100c. If you delid, you are just going to end up with a gimp processor that is impossible to cool a couple years down the road.