This clever Doom mod lets you play Doom inside Doom

Shawn Knight

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id Software’s original Doom is known for finding its way onto all sorts of unlikely equipment – from a Commodore C64 and an ATM machine to an inkjet printer, nothing seems to be off limits. But have you ever played Doom… while playing Doom?

That’s exactly what’s possible as seen in this clip from YouTuber TheZombieKiller. As you can see, Doom guy walks up to a virtual console and starts playing the very game he’s in. Best yet, it’s quite literally the same game. Near the end of the clip, virtual Doom guy walks up behind himself playing as himself and well, I won’t spoil it here.

If you’re wanting to try the mod out for yourself, head over to the ZDoom forum (there’s also a playable version of Wolfenstein 3D!).

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