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This is fricking crazy!

By Zen
Jun 2, 2011
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  1. I know I'm better than what I am right now, I know this, I shouldn't be getting my underwear in a bundle about anything, but I am. I am just so besides myself today, namely the past couple hours, I could just scream!

    A couple hours ago, it was brought to my attention from a member of my properties staff that the property would soon be having a new resident. This staff member eluded several times that I may know who it is, or at least know the person being allowed to move onto the property. I requested that this person stop playing games and tell me who this mystery resident is going to be. The staff member told me it is going to be my (((ex-wife))))!

    I thought it a joke at first, saying that we already had April fools day some time ago, I'm not buying it. But no, I did have to buy it, for I was advised that what is soon to take place and is very real, if I like it or not. I was just stunned, mortified, in shock. I tried my best to challenge this, right there on the spot. But I was advised that it was to late for words, for my ex-wife and her boyfriend had already filled out application and submitted the required deposits to hold and reside it one of the properties units.

    I voiced my destain for this situation, sighting that people around here must have fallen down and bonked their heads. Did they loose all thoughts of morality? Did they think this was ethically good? Did they give much thought to moving in an ex-wife so close to an ex-husband? This is nuts! I'm so bent up about this, I could use every bad word I know here, but I know this site would just block them!

    People, I'm letting you know that this is not a good thing, not at all. I've been pretty closed lipped about my personal life here on TechSpot, other than giving off some eludements of what my spiritual faith is, that's it. But I'm going to open up here and I guess expose my heart to you all, what you do with this moment of my vulnerability is up to you!

    Some history here, close to three years ago my ex-wife committed a treasonous act upon our former marriage. She made a choice to go ((outside of our home to look for new love!)) She found her "so called" new love, one of her co-workers to be exact, and for months she masqueraded around with Mr. what's his nut's, until I got very close to finding out about her adultery. I came close enough to her cheating situation to have her fear my actions and my words! She broke things off with Mr. what's his nut's and promised to get some help and get better.

    I guess I played the sucker here real good, for I laid down some ground rules, like marriage therapy, individual therapy, medications (if needed), church counselling and such. All went well for a while, I guess just good enough for me to maybe think that she learned that regardless of what she does, I'm not to far behind as far as figuring it all out. So three months went by, she didn't talk to her little male lover, didn't try to sneak out to meet him, nothing, I thought the problem was well in hand, and that I could just think that we just "jump started" our marriage. Boy was I wrong.

    Come to find out six months later, after her original adultery, there was one more male lover that had always remained. My ex-wife was playing the field with two lovers at the same time, while married to my a**! I was able to shake off male Romeo #1 and get rid of him, but I had no idea of a male Romeo #2. In secret she had been communicating with this guy over the Internet. Yahoo instant messaging, e-mails, Skype, the works. So needless to say I felt I had been dealt the greatest card of betrayal that one could be dealt.

    Once Romeo #2 had been exposed, my ex-wife pulled no punches by proclaiming her love for this man. She told me that after close to 15 years of marriage she was board, and wanted to start a new and exciting life with this man. So in the final month of her living with me, she flaunted the fact that she had herself a new man right in front of my face. Heck she even went as far as booking an airline ticket, with our old family bank account and fly off to be with this guy for two weeks, leaving her husband and child behind, and so she went off into the wonderful world of love as to explore it.

    When she was gone, with my families help, I went to the county court house and filed for divorce. My Father hired on an attorney, as to give me a legal voice in a court room. This attorney knew what she was doing, by the time my ex-wife got back into town, through a legal court order, our bank account was closed, by a couple key phone calls from the attorney all of our old joint bank card and credit cards were closed. And the rest is should I say ((history))!

    I got to keep the small cottage home I am at now, my ex-wife won a judgement of being able to keep about 70% of the property inside the home. She kept one car, I kept one car, and we got 50/50 custody of our kid. Now close to three years later this woman who paraded her (((men))) around me wants to be my neighbor!?! I was told that she would be moving into a unit very far away from mine. I don't give a rat's a** if it's the surface of the moon, even the moon for me is to damn close!

    This woman almost left me in ruin! This woman pushed my buttons, this woman stabbed my heart with the blade of betrayal, this woman put ice daggers into my back, this woman tried to shove her adultery up my anus, this woman tried to decapitate me with the blade of evil, should I feel "ok" about all of this? Should I just remain clam and let her parade the very man she left me for around me? I've given this property almost 16 years of myself, paying my rent on time each month, in full each month, no loud noise complaints, no parking complaints, no nothing! And this is the way they repay me, by allowing this to happen.

    SHE WINS HERE PEOPLE! It's as if by some power that she gets to get some of her old life back, a life she choose to walk away from, a life that she destroyed three years ago out of adultery and betrayal, she gets to prance back onto this property and at least as far as housing goes, she gets it back! I think I might start investigating some new properties to move to, I'm utterly devastated and disgusted, that my ex-wife will soon be on a location level, inside my precious universe.

    ((Just know folks, this is the greatest level of wearing one heart on their sleeve, that I've ever seen here on TechSpot, please keep this in mind if you choose to respond.))

    I need to go meditate, excuse me.........................
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    Is this a rental? If so, then there *must* be a consistent set of policies applied to every applicant (per Fair Housing Rules).
    She, it, they, must all qualify just like everyone else.

    If the application is a single person, process it as such. If it is an unmarried couple, then BOTH must apply and BOTH must qualify as if each were applying for the unit as a single.

    If you perform a background, credit and employment verification, you might run into a conflict like a policy requirement of monthly income must exceed 2.5 or 3.0 x the monthly rent. If this process leads to disqualification, then you mail a note of the specific policy which is not met and deny the rental.

    This all assumes you have a written set of policies and procedures for the manager to use.

    Best wishes
  3. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,247   +448

    If what jb said doesn't work out for you I think I would personally start looking for a new property. Sure, she wins by forcing you out, but is it worth the pain of having it rubbed in your face on a regular basis? Is living in the same city/state part of your joint custody agreement? Why did she stick around if she's been parading off to see these guys in the past? Are you permanently tied to a job or property in this area?

    Also, if you guys have joint custody be prepared for her to abuse your proximity by dropping the kids off whenever she feels like doing something with her new beau. Just wanted to put that out there in case it might be a problem (not that any parent wouldn't want their kids as much as they could get them - it can just be untimely if unplanned).
  4. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 861   +48


    Well I'm not really bound by anything, making stay where I'm at! I own and operate my own home based computer repair/upgrade/network support company. So I guess where ever I go, my business will follow. And as far as why my ex-wife stuck around to parade this guy in front of my face, simple, out of the two of them, she is the only one with a job! She had to come back to Sacramento, or her only source of income would have gone (bye bye). So she decided if she couldn't move to where Romeo #2 lived, why not go there on one of her adulteress rendezvous and bring him back with her! So that's what happened, he moved in with her shortly after she moved out on me. Trust me when I say, that after a fairly good night's sleep, and a full pot of coffee, I'm better now, well kind of. I've been scouting the Internet for possible new places to live.


    To answer your question, I do indeed live on a rental property. Now mind you this rental property is very unique. Instead of providing normal apartments, they offer cottages, single level unit, with no one living bellow, above or to the right or left of you, single level separate units, put on a small chunk of land with everyones front doors aimed away from each other. In essence 4 cottage per chunk of land, aimed away from each other, only our back yards the way they are built give you the sense that you share property. Kind of a (star burst) shape, if you were to look at it from above.

    From what I can tell today by poking my nose around, I was given confirmation that my ex-wife did indeed go through the proper procedures as far as qualifying for residency. The application, the back ground check, the credit check, previous residency verifications, income verifications, the works, she's in. But in regards to her Romeo guy, that may be a different story. He has submitted an application, which was ((tentatively)) approved. I guess from what I'm hearing that the guy's back ground check came back clean, but his credit check is holding up the works for him. I was told by this low level staff member that if he doesn't come out of this smelling like roses, he will not be allowed residency.

    So my ex-wife will then be poised with a major choice to make if her man fails the process, move onto my property and dump the boyfriend and let him fend for himself. Or, forget moving onto my property and stay with her man and find a new place to live that will accept them both. Or, if she's really stuck in her twisted ways, she might think about moving onto my property and if the boy friend is barred residency, sneak him in anyway! So it will be on her as far as what her next move is going to be, the ball is in her court.

    But as far as myself, as I told LNCPapa, I'm researching new places to live. Even if my ex-wife doesn't move in, that's besides the point, my issue now is with my property and it's management. If they are willing to do this and not even take my feelings into consideration during all of this, than I want no part of them! I feel that they were very rude, inconsiderate, un-professional and down right acted like shady operators. (((F-em))!

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