This simple message sends Skype into an endless crash loop, update out now


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skype messaging bug

Fresh from iOS’ embarrassing Messages bug that could crash iPhones with a random string of text, a similar flaw is hitting Skype across platforms. Specifically, sending a message containing only “http://:” sends the app into an endless crash loop in Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Neither Skype for Mac nor the touch-specific version for Windows 8.1 are affected, according to VentureBeat. The site first reported about the issue citing forum posters who claimed not even deleting your chat history worked, because Skype will download it afresh and crash every time you start the app.

On Windows the crashed happened not only on the receiver’s end but the sender’s as well, while iOS and Android only crashed on the receiving end.

The only workaround was to have the person who sent you the message delete it and to install an older, bug-free version of Skype.

The company has since rushed out a patch that filters out the offending characters. If you rely on Skype for messaging be sure to grab the latest version for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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No waaay! M$ software doesn't have bugs, that's why they want to disable update control for home users. Also, You should never reverse to the older, lighter version of the software that worked fine a day ago on your old, unupgradeable PC, instead buy e new, shiny one with their new ad delivery system. I'm sick with those companies that know best what their clients want, even when they have no clue.


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Ha! I tried it! My Windows (laptop) skype immediately crashed. When I restarted Skype, it upgraded itself and opened ok. Strangely, my friend who has an older version of Skype never received the message so they didn't crash. Are MS able to filter out the message and prevent it from being sent?


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A factual problem with the article is the Messages thing didn't crash an iPhone, it only crashed the app.

In my opinion I don't think it was terribly embarrassing to Apple, sure its something that needs to be addressed, but it was a string of characters from languages most people don't deal with. It wasn't something most people could just type, they had to find the string somewhere and then copy and paste it in. This one for Skype is something anyone can easily type, and it crashes both ends with no way out until the sender deletes the message from an bug free version.