Ti 4600 install error help

By Marty ยท 5 replies
Nov 19, 2002
  1. Ok, here is the question of the century for all the vid card buffs; I bought this card from ebay and installed it, I get a "cannot install card, invalid data or something wrong with device." In the device manager, it is on the other devices and not working. Im in vga mode by default. There is no display device listed. I spent a lot of time on other forums and I tried all the drivers, uninstalling the ones first, updating my agp driver, reinstalling my old mx400 (which worked fine again,)the card is supposedly out of a gateway that the guy bought and immediately changed the card. I tried to call PNY and I'm still waiting for a tech to call back. It really seems like a software issue. When I reboot, XP recoginzes the Ti4600 but wont allow it to install. HELP!!!
  2. conradguerrero

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    What motherboard are you using?

    If ya don't know download a diagnostic program like SiSoftware Sandra 2002 Standard.
    (Search Google)
  3. Marty

    Marty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    American Mega trends athalon 1ghz in my Gateway. I'll see if there is anymore info I can get you. I did update the bios with the p08 driver from gateway site.
  4. Marty

    Marty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Micro star MS 6330 main board per sandra
    2.1 version board
  5. Arris

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    I don't see how this could be the problem but what Power Supply do you have in your Gateway machine. It could be low specification such as 200 or 250w which might be too little for your setup. I don't see how it would get to windows if this was the issue though so don't go out and replace the PSU. Just interested to know whats in the gateway machine.
    Currently trying to check out MSIs website www.msi.com.tw but its real slow and their php to MySql backend db seems to be broken just now... :(

    The AGP support x2 and x4 AGP so I'm assuming right now that its AGP 2.0 which should be ok for the Ti4600...
  6. Marty

    Marty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its 2.0 agp, I have the si sandra and I cant find the wattage but Im sure its good, the machine is not that old. I think its the card, not the machine.
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