Time for TechSpot Forum to re-examine itself?

By bazz2004 · 6 replies
Jul 6, 2016
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  1. I’ve found my time on the forum very interesting and it’s helped me to better understand problems with computers. Hopefully I've also helped a few others on the way. Unfortunately, I’m now questioning whether the forum is progressing or changing into an online news magazine fuelled by scaremongering and sensationalism. The missionary spirit of those berating Microsoft over Windows 10 is unbelievable and the attacks on the new OS are about the only issue that brings lots of comment – almost all of it negative. Folks posting a tech question are not getting the help or comments that might be expected on a Tech Support Forum.
  2. mailpup

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    Are you saying that TechSpot is responsible for the "scaremongering and sensationalism" or is it mainly because of the comments posted by some members? I'm only asking because it isn't clear to me the way you wrote it. If it's mainly due to the comments by some members, well, they are entitled to their opinion. While those opinions can be vexing at times, that's the nature of a public forum.
    FWIW, I note that you are one of a handful of members that regularly try to help others on the forums so kudos to you for your efforts. I also note that some others who have posted vociferous and opinionated posts in the comments section of news articles rarely, if ever, attempt to help others with their computer problems. Perhaps one day they can be persuaded to use their expertise in this area.
  3. bazz2004

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    Thanks for helping me to clarify my thinking. Techspot is now very much an online tech tabloid. It's time to either join a tech support forum or take up an additional interest. There are plenty of tech competent members but most don't seem to be moving with the times. W7 was a long time ago. You have a highly regarded resident expert in Broni but that's about it.
  4. bazz2004

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  5. captaincranky

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    Oh but see, if you're so concerned about the direction of this forum, you should stay on in a "rediscovery of mission role". Rather than say, "see ya, I'm off to someplace where I can get help, instead of having to help others"
    And FWIW, I used to help people with tech issues. That is until someone I actually tried to help build a computer, decided he didn't like my general syntax, and tried to get me kicked out of the forum. SNGX actually came to my defense on the matter. At that point I had an epiphany. Something like, f*** you, fix it yourself, or build it yourself, that's what I do. Also, that particular "member" (pun intended), got his computer built for him, (gratis), and I really haven't seen anything else posted by him, and he certainly hasn't been back trying to help anyone else. I had him pegged as a "smarmy parasite" from post one, and I've been around long enough to know one when I read one's posts.

    And again, FWIW, when I do have tech problems, I peruse other forums. However, I often find bad information, or that which I'm already familiar with. I've honestly had little to no luck solving issues with info posted online, and the last little issue I had, (an i3 Ivy not recognizance a brand new GTX-750 ti), I called EVGA, and "Steve" had it sorted out in under 5 (?) minutes.

    I started a thread on the topic:https://www.techspot.com/community/...t-its-causing-some-really-wierd-stuff.224133/ in which you @baaz2004, participated. (Incidentally, this is one of perhaps 2 times I asked for help in likely the past 5 years).

    Is that it? OK, I confess, I didn't know anything about the machine when I built some 5 years ago, and I haven't learned a damned thing since. OTOH, you seem to have me confused with someone with 10 posts, instead of 10,000. Still gave you a "like" though, just for trying..(y) It is after all, "the thought that counts".

    Since Broni's name has come into the discussion, he is absolutely a trooper. He patiently attends to people who join just for the sake of getting their computer cleaned out, (from their own stupidity), and then leave after it is. I at least own up to my own misdeeds, and flip a restore disc into a wayward machine, thus curing its errant, "thoughts", while keeping our staff free to deal with people who've been members for a day and a half.

    As far as my own particular "bad attitude" goes, I go for the laughs first. After which, I usually go for the throat of the worthless "rookie" membership/detritus that deems to be drifting with the tide from Facebook to here. I mean really, when your first or second post is targeted to demean the staff writers, I almost feel an obligation to "help" in that capacity.

    Well, if we rephrase this little pout, it might be interpreted as, "if everybody in the forum doesn't submit to the forced adoption of Windows 10, I'm taking my ball and going someplace else".

    As for anything I say on some tpoics, I don't happen to believe that Elon Musk should be the God I pray to, and I'm not about to change my mind about it.

    I'll further opine, that this forum seems to be full to the brim with mouthy little "tech-beciles", who have apparently lost the ability to understand what it means to be "human".

    Cowering little beings who are afraid to drive a car for themselves, and who don't understand what a "tool" is, (pun intended), if it isn't made in China, and full of transistors. (Excuse me "IC's"). I'm here trying to make people laugh, and to keep some of the "old ways" alive. You of course, have to form your own identity and sense of purpose.
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  6. Julio Franco

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    It's unfortunate to hear this from a long-time TS user. Now I understand you mostly refer to the forum and not the whole site. For a long time we've been marrying the news comments and forum discussion, you've probably noticed that's been the case, and that's by design.

    Recently we tried to give the forum a more distinct place for tech support by merging a few topics and creating the "Ask a Question" forum and putting it on top of everything else. Conversely, we made the full text of news posts available in the forums so those who like to comment and have the full forum software at their disposal don't have to jump back and forth between the two interfaces.

    For a nearly 20 year old forum, we've seen our fair share of changes, from the early days of forum-based computer support, then a ton of malware related inquiries, to the current mix of support and news discussion.

    Then again, we can only make those kind of changes, offer unique content, and give users an open platform to shape the community. We are constantly evaluating ideas and making changes to improve, so your feedback is always welcome.
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  7. captaincranky

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    As I've been here pushing 10 years, I've seen how many people who were ready, willing, and able to do as much tech support as they humanly could, burn themselves out by simply being "too nice". (That's the only way I can explain it).
    Without any malice aforethought, or derogatory meaning, it has to be pointed out that Techspot is a business.

    A fact that confuses me, as to why forum members believe they are entitled to a free, ad-less romp, through every facet of computer repair. Especially when most of the parts came from Newegg via Newegg, and not Newegg via Techspot.

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