Toshiba BIOS

By ianjk
Nov 4, 2008
  1. Hi, would a system crash during BIOS update stop laptop working completley no lights illuminating if so what can i do
  2. luvhuffer

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    Were you doing the BIOS update with one of those windows flash updater? If so you might want to get a bootable floppy and try it old school. Your manual or the Toshiba web site probably has instructions on how to do it. In some cases flashing the wrong BIOS or flashing incorrectly can cause the BIOS chip to go out and it would have to be replaced if it's even replaceable. So the unit is completely dead? If so then flashing another way is unlikely
  3. LookinAround

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    A disruption (e.g. loss of power or Windows crash when you were using a utility that runs in Windows) can leave your BIOS brain dead.

    Check Toshiba site to see if they have a bios crash recovery method (some bios are prepared for the wost)

    And if you have the option, always better to use a method to boots into the BIOS update vs. using a utility that runs the upload from within Windows
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