Toshiba Dynabook "end keys" function

By utot ยท 8 replies
Jan 17, 2010
  1. hey i really need help here.. i have this toshiba dynabook portege series 2001, im changing my OS but when i setup bios to change the booting priority i cant save it because i cant find the end key to save the changes.i tried to hit all the keys but nothing will save the changes.

    pls help me this out...
  2. xbrxlunch

    xbrxlunch TS Rookie

    instead of changing boot order in bios. when it boots up and u see toshiba screen press "pause/break" button then find the option. i forget what its called. but it asks u what u wanna boot first. i also i have toshiba
  3. Erlehacker

    Erlehacker TS Rookie

    F10 is the usual button for that, I believe, though it should enumerate the buttons and their corresponding functions at the bottom of the BIOS-settings screen.

    But, for a temporary solution, as xbrxlunch here says, you could try intercepting the default OS by hitting F8 (that assumes you're running Windows.)

    Then again, if you're trying all the keys and not getting anywhere, try plugging in a standalone keyboard, and see if it'll respond to that.

    Here's hoping you get it resolved quickly.
  4. utot

    utot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    re toshiba netbook

    hey it seems my toshiba dynabook hard drive is dead, how do i know that my hard drive is dead? is there possible way to fix my laptop? it wont detect any drive even if i change the boot priority.
  5. Erlehacker

    Erlehacker TS Rookie

    Does it still boot?
  6. utot

    utot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hard disk

    it boot but only in bios, i cant boot in cd-rom either,even if i change all the boot sequence,
  7. Erlehacker

    Erlehacker TS Rookie

    That is a puzzler. I'm afraid I can't help you any further without having physical access to the laptop or any more info on the problem. (Maybe I'm not thinking very clearly this morning. I'll keep thinking about it for a while, and see if I come up with something.) But I suggest you try to find someone with more experience in this kind of thing. Look around on other forums for posts by other folks who have had this problem. Google is your best friend.
  8. thirkz

    thirkz TS Rookie

    end key problem? easily press and hold first the "Fn" key and then with the "end" key to save all changes you have made.

    hope this can help you 100%. bye.
  9. utot

    utot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    infortunately ive already resolved the end keys prob nw is that my hard drive wont detect anymore? how can i know if my hard drive is ok or not?
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