Toshiba eStudio wil not print, puts :4030 next to username

By akkarin101
Aug 23, 2011
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  1. i am having touble with a Toshiba eStudio 350 that will not print over the network(static ip, connecting to winserver2003 r2). over usb it is fine, and i can copy/scan documents but whenever i try to print the data light flashes, the computer says the job was sent to the printer, but nothing happens! driving me up the wall :mad: in the job log it comes up as a print job, with my username :4030 and the date/time but no paper/pages/sets info. can someone suggest anything? thank you in advance
  2. tipstir

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    On that PC over the static IP you need to make sure that the printer drivers are installed for that IP printer.

    Add Printer as local printer buy over TCP/IP by typing in the printer IP and host name. Once this is done, you select the printer name and model. The driver needs to be forwarded over to your PC since your using a server to host the printer.
  3. akkarin101

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    ythanks for getting back to me so quickly, i have attached a pic of the log on printer itself. every print job i send through, different accounts, different machines all get that message in the log. any ideas?

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