Toshiba intros new NB250 netbook, updates the NB305

By Matthew
Jun 17, 2010
  1. Toshiba's really cranking out the hardware this week, now launching the new 10.1-inch Mini NB250 netbook as well as updating the NB305's firepower. The company says it designed the NB250 to be "as easy on the budget as it is to carry" – and at $299, it is quite wallet-friendly.

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  2. Psychonaut

    Psychonaut TS Rookie

    Not bad for a laptop of its kind. I dislike laptops, especially if they aren't beefy enough to handle most of my less demanding games, such as WoW and UnrealTournament (GOTY).
  3. ghij616

    ghij616 TS Rookie


    You are a very smart person!
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