Toshiba Laptop Won't Boot

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Jan 15, 2006
  1. My Toshiba Satellite a45/s120 died it seems.
    When started it shows the Toshiba startup screen...then goes to a b/w screen saying that it couldn't start properly and pick one of the ways to start...

    i usually pick LAST GOOD CONFIGURATION, but I've tried them all and what happens is it goes through a list of drivers, then looks like it's going to start but restarts itself and goes to the process all over again starting with the Toshiba Startup screen.

    It won't boot to a cd either - I've tried to boot to erd commander or an xp disc utility and it just won't see it.

  2. mr.bluesky

    mr.bluesky TS Rookie

    Check the memory in your laptop.
    It was the same with mine.

    Toshiba laptops get to the stage where they reject a piece of memory, so do a bit of playing, take some out, boot up - if it works, Great, if it doesn't - shut down & start the take some out & swap process again.

    Works for me.

  3. Tedster

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    have you added any ram or other devices?
  4. mr.bluesky

    mr.bluesky TS Rookie

    Nope, but i dind't add/remove any PCI Devices
  5. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    are you getting a blue screen of death? BSOD? If not, your windows may be corrupt. You may need to reformat and reload off the toshiba cd
  6. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    You might want to make a note of THIS site as a reference.
  7. mr.bluesky

    mr.bluesky TS Rookie


    No, it was one piece of memory that brought up all the errors.

    I did, rather foolishly, try to format - but it brought up some more error code 4 things when you setup xp (This was still with the memory in)

    Again, with memory intact, i tried 2k & even (brace yourself) ME!

    Just as was a bout to throw it out of the window, i went onto technet, and low & behold, les prolemos esta solvos!

    I just had to format & reinstall xp. Puuuuurfect.
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