Toshiba multimedia audiocontroller help

By chris_465
Dec 31, 2007
  1. i need help with my toshiba a15-s129 its not a very old laptop but its old ......i had soundmax i deleted from my add/remove programs list i thought it was junk and now everytime i try to play a sound it says an "audio hardware is not found" and everytime i boot my laptop it says "multimedia audio controller is not found" and when i go to windows update nothing comes up about it i need help im getting tired of having a laptop with no sound!
  2. chris_465

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    i need help with my toshiba satellite a15-s129 laptop .Every time i go to hibernation then come back my whole screen goes black and doest even go to the welcome screen or anythingwhats wrong?
  3. ShipMaster

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    Problem #1, go to your manufacture's website find you model of laptop and download the audio driver.
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