Toshiba R52 driver installation problem

  1. Hi,

    Please help me as I am a newbie to this IT world.

    Essentially my R52 crashed due to the hard drive as it died so i replaced it with another one and installed XP on it again. These are the problems I am having at the moment:

    1 - I have downloaded and installed all drivers from Lenovo's website and it appears to have installed correctly as it has created folders in the C:\Drivers\win folder. The problem is the computer states that it is installed incorrectly but I cant go on the internet to search for the drives as the ethernet is one of the drivers. Please can any one with similar problems contact me and share me your wisdom or if you know how to solve it please do contact me and tell me I am being an ***** and show me the light :)

    2 - after installing the XP whenever i startup i get an error message saying the BIOS setting is not for the HDD so I need to change this but I have no idea how to. again, please help.

    3 - are these two problems related by any chance?

    Thanks alot for reading and many thanks in advance


  2. mycomputerladyb

    mycomputerladyb TS Rookie

    Well ... It could be that you installed the wrong drivers from Levono. You can download MANY DRIVERS from anywhere and they will open and install a folder on your computer... doesn't mean they are the right one. Here is the sight for the drivers for your machine.

    When you enter into your bios does it detect your HDD?
    Do you get the error message after you log into windows or before you see the windows splash screen?
    What drivers are you missing? you can find out by right clicking once on the "My Computer" and go to manage. And then Left clicking on Device Manager.
    Do you have any icons with an ! on them (Im sure you do for your ethernet card) That means the device has no drivers.

    My Computer Lady
  3. tictaclogitech

    tictaclogitech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you!

    hi computer lady,

    I think i have resolved the drivers issue as most drivers seem to work now and there arent any that are highlighted yellow.

    regarding the error, this comes up before the splashscreen but i have tweeked with the setup menu to "continue" rather than "pause" the startup so I think my 6 year old laptop works now. yippee!

    thank you for the speedy response and i am glad you came to my aid.


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