Build a PC Toshiba Satellite A300 Wont Power On

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Hey guys,
I've searched the forums a little to find a solution to my problem.
Having not found anything that seems to be the fix, i'm here - with my first post.

I've been looking at a friends Toshiba Satellite A300, that wont power on.
It was working fine until he purchased a new charger - a universal one.
He took the model number into the shop and was told this charger would do the job.
He told me the tip was hard to get into the charger port, he had to use force.

Since then, it hasn't powered on. He told me the charge lights were coming on, but nothing else.

I have the same model laptop as him, so we tried with my charger, my battery, still nothing.

I've taken the laptop completely apart. Re-seated everything. Still nothing.

What i noticed was that with the battery in, and my charger, when i left it charging for a while and tried to power on, it waited maybe a minute then the fan and power on lights came on for maybe 5 seconds then it died again.

Another thing i've noticed is that when it's charging with the battery in, the quick play lights near the power button work. I can press them without the laptop being on and they turn on/off except the media light, it stays on if turned on.

The only thing i have yet to try is replacing the CMOS battery.

I was wondering if anyone here has any idea what may be the problem here? It seems very odd for this to just start happening. The laptop hasn't been taken apart before, so it's not likely something wasn't connected right.

What are the chances of it being the CMOS battery?

Thanks in advance anyway guys, and i hope we can get this sorted!
Thanks for the quick reply.
I read over the guide and have tried most things.

However, to my understanding, with the A300 you clear the CMOS by shorting pins C837 in the RAM bay. I'm not sure if this is just to override the BIOS password, or if it clears the CMOS. To do that, you need to connect the 2 pins and power on, causing it to short.

In the guide, it says to remove CMOS battery before shorting. Do you think this will be needed?

And as far as i knew, you had to power on once the pins are connected to short.. Or is there a different way of doing this? - Because this laptop isn't powering on =P

Sorry for the inconvenience, haha..


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The laptop battery usually does not require removing (ie this is generally related to Desktops)

You are best to download the manual to confirm reset options
Please continue with the guide, many users miss things, which I then have to go over again. It's written very clearly and easy to follow
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