Toshiba satellite mem?

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Aug 6, 2008
  1. OK This might be a really dumb question and all of you are gonna laugh but here goes. this is a a80 series laptop. My question is does this laptop ave only one memory slot, cause i took off the panel to test the memory and all I see is one slot. It does not seem logical that they would place the other slot in a different location. Or am i totally wrong, and the other slot is just somewhere else. The reason i ask is because if i dont have to take apart the case, good. i usuall break things like this.
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    thanks for the speedy reply. the reason i was wondering was i opened another satellite and bothe slots were right on top of each other. and yes i mean on top of each other. damn!!! i have followed the forums done my research yet i still cant find out this problem. do you know of another way for me to get a setup cd to boot (xp). Yes i have switched the boot order and put the cd rom first i even did the one time boot with f12 any ideas CCT. your help is greatly appreciated
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    One slot will be under the keyboard, which will require you to dismantle the laptop from the top.

    The one time boot option should work fine, assuming you have a legit cd and not a bung copy.
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    well it is a copy i made and i have made numerous but i have used the same one after i got fed up with tinkerin with the toshiba i put it in my desktop and it loaded right away and installed very clean. so i know it is not the cd. and the problem i am having is with the display. I know it is drive r related and i did uninstall the device as instructed by other post here. then i rebooted and after the splash screen IT DOES LOAD WINDOWS AND I GET THE LOGON TONE AS WELL.
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    Toshiba memory sticks are overlapping. You remove the top stick to access the bottom stick.
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