Toshiba Satellite P50-B-11L no sound

Hello guys!

Normally, I would not put such a question in a forum, as I am quite familiar with hardware, but there are unexplained situations.
My laptop model in the title came with windows 8.1, is working with 10 without any problems.

Yesterday I decided to make the creators update. Alright, it did without stress, in spite of one or another problem of hardware configuration drivers it went okay,

Then I noticied that I have no sound, neither the speakers nor the jack. I hear a punctual click and when doing mute / unmute it always clicks on the speakers, it does only in the left column, on the right it does nothing.

After doing the creators update, I made manual update to most of the drivers that there were available. I've tried all kinds of drivers from realtek and toshiba, including those from msft.

Now the strangest thing is that I did a restore from a backup one month ago, where everything worked fine and the problem remains.
I'm getting screwed because I can not find an explanation. The click on the speakers starts when windows is booting, in safe mode, being the sound service off no clicks are heard.

Even deleting the drivers and trying everyone and some more nothing works.
Eventually, if the speakers are failing, there should be sound from the headphones jack.
Has anyone had a similar experience you would like to share?



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USB headphones? Mine are Logitech brand.

Try booting Linux Mint, from a (fast as possible) USB FLASH STICK. If it works ok, the hardware is ok. You might prefer Mint anyway. You can have both operating systems, so you can choose at boot time. Mint allows that very easily.