Toshiba ships 10.1" Folio 100 slate in Europe, starts at €329

By Matthew · 17 replies
Nov 4, 2010
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  1. Toshiba has begun selling its answer to the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab: the Folio 100. First announced during the IFA 2010 conference in September, the 10.1-inch slate packs a 1024x600 capacitive multitouch display and a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip (SoC) that can pump 1080p video over the device's mini HDMI port.

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  2. Cueto_99

    Cueto_99 TS Booster Posts: 248   +12

    Just when it was going great with the specs (dual core, 1080p support, webcam) they say it can not connect to the android market... personally it was about to become the ipad killer...
  3. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Totally agree, Why would they purposely **** themselves?
  4. matrix86

    matrix86 TS Guru Posts: 843   +38 if only they'll go for supporting future versions of Android and being able to connect to the Android market. Kind of dumb to put an OS on a device and not let it connect to the app. market place for that OS. Perhaps there's some reason for this decision that they aren't telling us for some odd reason...
  5. vangrat

    vangrat TS Rookie Posts: 223

    I was on the same roll, it has thats awesome...wait WHAT!...okay total fail. Frankly, toshiba should just hang their collective heads in shame. This tablet will be for all intents and purposes DOA.
  6. Alathorne

    Alathorne TS Rookie

    I keep on hearing that the iPad is cannibalizing netbook sales. I hear hard figures on iPad sales: 7.5 million. I just never see a hard figure on netbook sales in 2010, especially in the same article. After a search online, I found that 22 million netbooks were sold worldwide in 2009. ABI Research projected on October 14, 2010 that 43 million netbooks to be sold in 2010. I conclude the iPad cannibalization idea is hyperbole at best.

    The funny thing is the title of the ABI Research article is "11 Million Media Tablet Shipments Show Growing Momentum; Netbook Market Growth Slowing." Growth as a percentage always slows as time goes on and the product becomes established. The total sales did not quite double.
  7. vangrat

    vangrat TS Rookie Posts: 223

    IMHO, if the iPad has done anything, it has increased the OVERALL sales of netbooks and tablets.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,257   +454

    No access to Android Market? No sale in U.S.? Sad.... I was about to say i'd like to try it out and consider buying.

    How much RAM does it have? Sounds like it could be a lot more powerful than the iPad, but you pay for that in battery life it seems. What about a Windows 7 version?
  9. crazyboy88

    crazyboy88 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    I totally agree. What the hell was the management team smoking when the released this product. It was like "Hey let's make a really great tablet, but lets make sure they can't get any apps!"
  10. hassaan

    hassaan TS Rookie Posts: 90

    I thought the LG tablet was gonna be a great tablet but I'm surprised that this came out so fast. Hopefully Toshiba is working on the Gingerbread update so that they can update this ASAP.
  11. dlen

    dlen TS Rookie Posts: 32

    I am really surprised that they don't allow to connect to Android Market. What is the purpose of this tablet then? to use the system only?
  12. 7410xas

    7410xas TS Rookie

    vaporware with a lame name. tobisha does a good job pushing with the trend at a decent price. however, i cannot bear to see more "market proprietary"
  13. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,486   +45

    Why are the frames so big on these things recently.
  14. raventrickster

    raventrickster TS Rookie Posts: 23

    So close to grabbing my attention as a worthy contender in the tablet market, and then they don't allow you to connect to the android marketplace. Seriously Toshiba? That pretty much defeats 3/4 of the purpose of using android in the first place.
  15. Jibberish18

    Jibberish18 TS Evangelist Posts: 646   +89

    Reports are showing that it has decreased the sales of laptops and netbooks. Laptops, to me still have their place in your home. But netbooks were just a fad. Don't get me wrong they can be useful for certain people but most people just wanted one because it was small and cute. Now tablets on the otherhand are going to be great once they involve. :)
  16. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,670   +1,102

    just the fact that people can't use the android market is going to make this product a big failure (and the high price)
  17. It's not Toshiba's fault. Google doesn't support tablets in the Android market yet. That's coming in the next version of Android OS aka Gingerbread (2.3 or 3.0)
  18. AbsolutGaloot

    AbsolutGaloot TS Rookie Posts: 92

    Dang, I'd have gotten one at launch, too, if it had access to the android market. Been wanting a tablet for use in the kitchen, but don't want an ipad. Hopefully they'll see the light and give access to the android market soon.

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