Toshiba Tecra 9000 chipset/sound problem

By baconbuttyman
Jul 6, 2009
  1. i have this laptop, the specs are, 256 ram, pent 3 m 933 mhs cpu, win xp home sp3, savage graphics, chipset???????
    the problem is that i got this machine without a hdd, so installed one and installed xp home, the drivers came via driver detective, but i had probs downloading the chipset drivers which i think is the reason i dont have sound from the laptop, so a manual search of the model and CPUZ stated the chipset was intel I830mp, i went to intel web site and the advisor on there said i had no compatable intel chipsets and the chip set was by savage, i down loaded the chipset that was suggested by intel adviso and still no sound, i really belive that the chipset is intel, any help would be appreciated
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  3. baconbuttyman

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    the audio drivers wont work properly unless the chipset is installed correctly, the chipset link on the toshiba site is broken and wont work.
  4. Rick

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    If that is the case, then you should install this first: (830MP setup utility)

    Then get your audio drivers solved on Toshiba's website. Even if the download link doesn't work, their website should tell you the make/model of your audio chip and we can find it elsewhere.
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