Trojans, private_stub_FUD.exe and more  [Virus]

By H3llion
May 8, 2010
  1. Hi guys

    Today i have run MBAM and it came up with about 84 infections. I commonly find 4SPAMMER.exe loading up every know and then. When i start my machine up i also come across private_stub_FUD.exe in the process list as well as ping.exe.

    When i dont run firefox i still see firefox.exe process but it runs at 20,000K memory usage and normaly if firefox is open it runs at 120k +. When i do open up firefox i still have the main firefox process aswell as the "fake" process running. When i end the process to the fake one i get a error saying "winaudio.exe" error and after 2 seconds private_stub_FUD.exe then closes and firefox.exe process starts up again.

    I never download software so i dont know how i got those viruses, and i use my for vids =P you know =P

    Anyway here is MBAM log and Hijack this log. I have run MBAM first and then Hijack this. I havent deleted anything. Also i didnt run it in SAFE mode. And i also wanted to start up kaspersky online scanner but the download files % stayed at 0 for quite some time.

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  2. H3llion

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    I am currently running another MBAM scan in safe mode. Also here is a screenshot of my process and as you can see there are some like 4SPAMMER.exe, private_stub_FUD.exe, Kernel32.exe and quite few firefox.exe process.

    Also that private_stub..... is located in my C driver with an icon which looks like a red X. On the description of the private_stub... it says "Windows Service pack 2 Keygen" and "Team SEH". Also in safe mode mbam detected 153 threats and in normal mode only 84.


    Hope this information helps ;)

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