Trouble Opening .RMVB Videos - RMV. Error

By l33t_tek
Mar 6, 2006
  1. I downloaded some video files the other day off BitTorrent and stumbled across an unusual error that's typically caused by opening a video which hasn't finished downloading to 100%.
    However, I have ensured I completed the download to 100%.
    The file extension is in .rmvb, but the error is RMV.
    Has anyone come across this error or does anyone know how to fix it? I thought of downloading the video again, but I don't want to waste bandwidth.

    I've installed RealOne Player v10.5 GOLD, Media Player Classic and the K Lite Codec Pack with no success. I can't convert the video to another format because obviously I can't even open it.

    Please help me. I've googled for hours and no one seems to know the answer. Even the Afterdawn forums haven't come across this yet. If any forum knows how to fix this, it'll be this one.

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