Trouble with powering up HP Pavillion 1620n

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Jul 26, 2009
  1. I recently had to replace the mother board in my HP Pavillion a620n because of a nearby lightning strike. The replacement was done by a certified technician. Now when I shut the PC down I must turn off the powe strip it is connected to, turn the power stip back on and then press the power button on the top right of the PC case.

    Prior to the replacement all I had to do was press the power buitton. I have checked all power settings etc and they are correct.

    When I turn the power strip back on the hard drive accesss light flickers, the DVD drive light flashes and the fan start. I then pust the power button and the computer boots.
  2. Tmagic650

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    The power supply is the first piece of hardware to be hit by a power surge. it also may have been damaged
  3. strategic

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    This part worries me. :( (If you are referring to your power bar when you say 'power strip.)
    Nothing should pass the power switch on your computer until you turn it on.
    That's why the switch is there, no current should pass it. Hopefully that issue is as simple as a defective switch.:suspiciou
  4. jscholl

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    clarifacation of problem

    When I shut the computer down all devices are powered down. If I push the power button on the top right of the case nothing happens (The blue LED that illuminates the button does not come on and nothing starts) If I then turn off the powewr stip into which the computer is plugged then turn it back on the hard drive access light comes on, the DVD drive light flashes abd goes out and the power supply fan starts.
    I them push the power button ,the LED is illuminated and the computer boots. If I put the computer in the sleep mode rather than shutting it down neither the keyboard or the mouse or the power button will wake it back up.
  5. xquikkiksx

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    just a thought... try a different surge protector. see whats up there. could still be power supply. I work on HP's and I see all the time where old power supplys dont like new boards
  6. strategic

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    I'll have to agree with Tmagic650. Look at the power supply and I still have my thoughts about the switch on the front of the PC. As for the power bar, you can always plug it directly into a wall outlet and see how that works. On a day with good weather, it won't hurt anything.
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