Troyan PSW Generic 10.BNPL

By Asteroid B612
Feb 3, 2013
  1. I have the same pop-up appearing since last Saturday (Feb.2) on my deskj-PC. I have AVG-Antivirus (payed) Program, which after a 3 hours analysis confirmed I have the Troyan PSW Generic 10 BNPL at 14 different places on my HD. But, as I ordered it to eliminate it, AVG went "out of order" and didn’t do it. After having it two times happening exacty the same and many hours of nerve war, I installed Free Malwarebytes program, which after a 2 hours scan said it couldnt detect any virus on my PC. Although I had a great confidence on AVG Antivirus, I begin to think I a victim of a faxe virus-alarm. Is there anybody happening the same?
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