Trying to connect to a wireless network in my building.

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Jul 22, 2005
  1. I've installed a LINKSYS wireless-G PCI Adapter in my computer. I've called LINKSYS support 3 times and visited their website for help. This is my problem. The wireless system seems to be installed properly. However, I keep getting the message "Cannot associate with the access point". What should I try?
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    you're going to have to set up the client computer by creating a preferred network. fill out all the fields, especially the network ssid, key, and encryption. just right-click on your wireless network connection and select properties. then go to the 'wireless networks' tab and add a preferred network.
  3. cathesw

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    Connecting to my wireless netowrk

    Thank you for replying to my message, but I think I've done all that. Here's what happens: When I right click on the LinkSys icon, I get a drop down menu with 3 choices; about, start and stop. When I choose start, I get a window that says "Cannot associate with the Access Point", under a tab labeled Link Information. There are 2 other tabs to choose from. 1. Site Survey. That gives me the SSID. 2. Under the Profiles tab, I have WEP 64 bit, Passphrase (blank) and WEP Key, a 10 digit encryption code given to me by the owner of the wireless network. Where do I go from here?
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    in that case you're using the linksys software to manage your connection. have you tried creating a new connection?
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    Wireless connection

    How would I create a new connection? The wireless network belongs to someone else who is willing to allow me to use it for $20 a month. I'm not sure how I would create a new connection.
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