Trying to open website called "fanscan"

By MarkFromMS
May 19, 2009
  1. A fellow employee opened an e-mail yesterday from Facebook about a video that someone had sent. The video wouldn't open so she closed it. A little later one of her friends sent her an e-mail asking about this video that she had sent. At that point she figured she had a problem. AVG Free is up-to-date and running on her computer. Every so often the computer will start to open IE and access a page called "fanscan" something. When it does, AVG starts popping up saying that it has detected trojan horses and stuff. When she told me about it, I disconnected the network cable and ran a complete AVG scan. It found several items and reported to have healed and removed them all. Another scan verified that, because it found nothing. I thought we had it cleared and reconnected the network cable and a little later it did it again. I have disconnected the cable again and have started another scan. As long as the cable is disconnected, there are no problems. We are 23 minutes into the 2 hour scan and nothing has been found thus far. What else should I do?

    2/3 through the scan we have found 4 threats - "Trojan horse FakeAlert KJ"
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