Turn On Your PC Remotely: Set Up Your PC for Wake-On-LAN


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The last time we messed with this in our office we found that it works on maybe 50% of our workstations. Many mobos are simply buggy in this regard.


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Very interesting, I tried to use it a few times but there were issues. I had it for my two home computers back in '97 but in our rack (supermicro boards) I faced issues, maybe I missed something.


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If you have Asus Router, you can use “Asus Router” iOS or Android app to wake up your LAN device from anywhere in the world. You just need to bind your router to your Asus Account or google account. (It accepts Google login)

This works even if you are behind CG-NAT or have some weird routing as I believe it uses some wireguard like tunnel and udp hole punching to overcome dynamic IP as well as CG-NAT routing issue. It works even if router is in Router mode or Access Point mode.

All router manufacturers need to implement this Must Have feature in their firmware,


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My PC decides to wake itself every single time I plug stuff in, or turn on my lights so this will not be needed. Even if I literally walk past my desk, it wakes up. I can wake it just by laying in bed and trying to sleep. In all seriousness, I hate Windows.