TV/PC monitor stays black on PC startup

By seany123
Jan 10, 2012
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  1. Okay so my teac lcd tv which ive been using as my pc monitor suddenly started going black screen after 0.5/1 seconds of being powered on. i thought oh crap ive broken my tv, so i get a spare pc monitor and plug it into my pc and now the monitor also stays black on pc startup. i know for a fact that windows is starting up fine, as i have standalone speakers which give the windows sound shortly after power up.

    teac lcd tv: even after unplugging and just turning on it still just goes "black screen" about 1 second after turning on. what I'm meaning by this is that my tv is infact broken even when not connected to the pc and just watching freeview it starts for 2 seconds then goes black screen ill probably have to take this to a repair shop.

    the monitor: i plugged the monitor into another pc i have and the montior works fine.

    the PC: when testing the monitor on my pc i used the same VGA cable as i used with the "broken" lcd tv, however when i tested the monitor on my other pc i used a different VGA cable, so next test ill use the other pcs VGA cable and see if that changes anything. I have now tested the monitor with the other VGA cable and its not not working so I'm guessing I also have a problem with my pc...

    So shortly after my lcd tv seemingly breaks, now my pc seems unresponsive to another working monitor, firstly what could be causing all this? could i have possible had some kind of power surge down the VGA cable causing my tv to have this "black screen" issue and my pc to possible now have a burned out graphic card?

    has anyone heard of this thing happening before? all information help would be great!

    EDIT: Just tested another TV with VGA input and it also wasnt displaying any picture. so i definitely have something wrong with my pc (although im still sure that its starting up fine.)

    but if its completely a PC issue it doesnt explain why my LCD tv is no longer working, it must be something like what i first thought and some kind of power surge has left both tv and pc broken.

    Upon looking inside my pc i noticed that the VGA port is not part of the graphics card and instead its soldered to the mb.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Sounds like your on-board video has failed. In that case, you will have to install a PCI or PCIe video card if your motherboard supports such video cards. What are the specs of this "blind" computer?

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