Twitch's Soundtrack app lets streamers play background music without getting a copyright...

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TL;DR: Twitch streamers can rest a lot easier now when it comes to DMCA issues with background music. The platform has a new app called Soundtrack that not only features "rights-cleared" music, it keeps the tunes separate from the stream so that when clips are saved, the music is not.

On Wednesday, Twitch released a new feature that should help streamers avoid copyright strikes. Soundtrack is an application that broadcasters can use to add popular music from independent artists to their streams.

Expert streamers and even Twitch itself have long suggested background music as a way to improve live broadcasts. Traditionally, content creators have just used a stereo playing softly in the background or similar means to accomplish this. Many songs are okay to play live, but if the user records a clip or leaves the streams VOD feature on, record companies will swoop in with DMCA notices like they did back in June.

Soundtrack keeps audio sources separate to make it easy to strip the music from saved clips. The app integrates with popular streaming software, including OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and Twitch Studio, with more to come. All the songs included with Soundtrack are rights-cleared for live listening.

"Soundtrack's vast library of songs from fresh, independent artists are all cleared for worldwide listening during your live streams," said Twitch. "The Soundtrack library has a diverse set of artists and genres to stream with. Artists include: Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC, SwuM, and many more."

Soundtrack is currently in a limited beta phase, but Twitch says it will expand the app's "availablity to creators in the coming weeks." Those interested in trying it out early can get on the waiting list and will get an invite via email when it it their turn.

Twitch is also seeking to expand its music library. Artists interested in participating can find more information on Soundtrack's help page.

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