Twitter says it will ban Donald Trump if he violates the site's rules


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After Twitter had brought down the banhammer on a number of high-profile accounts associated with “alt-right” movements earlier this week, the question was raised whether it would ever remove its most famous "controversial" Tweeter: Donald Trump. When asked if it really would ban the President-elect, the microblogging site said that if he broke the rules then his account would be removed.

A company spokesperson told Slate: “The Twitter Rules prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct, and multiple account abuse, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies.”

When pressed on whether this specifically means Trump would be banned if he was judged to have broken the rules, the spokesperson confirmed: “The Twitter Rules apply to all accounts, including verified accounts.”

Not long after Twitter introduced its recent anti-troll measures, the site banned the head of the National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer. “This is corporate Stalinism,” said Spencer. “Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt Right out of existence. They’re clearly afraid. They will fail!”

Back in July, the site permanently banned one of Trump’s biggest supporters, Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, for allegedly inciting his followers to send abusive tweets to Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

Twitter has long tried to walk a fine line between keeping its reputation as a home for free speech and taking action against abusive users. One could only imagine the uproar that banning Trump would cause.

It seems Twitter’s stance is in contrast to that of Facebook. Some of the social network's employees called for Trump’s Facebook page to be suspended because his posts about banning Muslims from entering the US violate the site’s rules on hate speech. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it would be inappropriate for the company to interfere with a major-party candidate’s political posts.

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No private company, maybe especially american ones, can ever be the "home" of free-speech. Come on.

But hey, maybe Trump will go on a banning spree. First banned by Twitter, then FB, then... UK?

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Do they mean "again" ....... seriously, to bad POTUS (after inaugurated) might be a pretty handy case of banning free speech. Don't know if he could pull it off, but with the troop of laywers he has, he could surely keep them wrapped up in court for more than a few decades .....


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Well if they do ban him then he commands a lot of men wearing black suits and dark glasses who knows where the people who banned him live and where they keep their kneecaps.


Sure they will ban him... he probably provides 5% of the overall traffic to stupid twitter. might as well shoot yourself in the foot while youre at it.

He'll just move to and Twitter will go from "falling" to "plummeting."


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Jill Stein couldn't even raise $7,000,000 for her own campaign.
It's time both she and Hillary, Hillary's ugly daughter and Bill disappear into the sunset - or wherever carpetbagging grifters go.

President Trump is going to revolutionize social media discourse.

All safe spaces will be dissolved.


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Haha, what is more funny, twitter having to ban an elected president because of his hate comments or the trumplivers disagreeing completely?.

The last, now more moderated, tweet I saw was "Fidel is dead!"


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Ever since he got elected is he much more moderate in what he says, I don't he will give them a reason to ban him.
He's going to have to roll back on a lot of what he promised. He got into power by inciting people who wanted hard changes. He hasn't a hope of actually implementing many of those changes but he could cause a lot of anger and division along the way.
Twitter is a privately-owned website - they can and should be able to do what they want, within their own rules. Just as a shop or bar can refuse to serve you if they wish. Nothing wrong with that as long as the reasons are just.


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Well if they do ban him then he commands a lot of men wearing black suits and dark glasses who knows where the people who banned him live and where they keep their kneecaps.

I hope that's sarcasm. You do realize the implications of using the secret service as a hitman organization would be correct?


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I've never figured out what the "excitement" was about twitter. I look at twitter, as something for twits, but, it's a free country. If that's what trips your trigger, go for it. I have more important things to do, than waste my time "twittering".
Now, as far as banning someone, it's a PRIVATE company, they can have a TOS anyway they want, and if you agree to the TOS, they have the right to ban anyone that they wish.
Don't like it, design your own system. It's a free country.


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The pope would get banned if broke the rules too. I don't get the point of this post.
there are millions of people that dont care and will never hear from the Pope. why is he so important. I agree with twitter bann whoever causes hate speech. Nowadays hate speeches can cause wars or to say the least people that would find a way to hurt others innocently


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Its a free country until hate speech cause people to fight against people. I am sure America doesnt want to be culled like what happened in the past. Culling is so easily done nowadays it only takes a spark to light a huge fire that cannot be distinguished until long after soo many thousand lives are lost. I sure people wouldnt want a massacre just for sake of a few hateful words. Twitter is right to stop anyone that encourages hate even if its only a little