Two fake virus warning icons in my taskbar

By xXyunaXx
Feb 3, 2008
  1. i accidently downloaded a setup file for a missing codec 0_0;; and now i got this annoying icon that pops up every second with an annoying warning that says i have been infected T-T i now its fake.. but i ran a scan and not even panda antivirus could detect it :( i did a hjt and am attaching it please tell me how to get rid of this thankyou very much!! help would be greatly appreciated~~ thankyou in advance :)

    ps: my internet is really slow because of this infection so i cannot upload the hjt i cannot seem to post the contents either :( so i dont know how to show you guys the hjt T__T i click on the attachment link but nothing happens im sorry i hope you can still help me fix it .
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